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Blog of June 2008

وِگيان science
وِگيانڪُ scientific
وِگيانڪُ ڍنگُ scientific methodology
ڳڻتُ گيانُ mathematics
ڏاهَ information
ڏاهَڪ گيان information science
سِکيا education
وِياکياڻ lecture
خاڪو outline
حسابي ڪلَ computer
اِنجنري engineering
چقمقيِ پٿرَ flint
کاڻَ quarry, mine
کاوَدُمُنُ pyramid
ڪارخانو factory
پليئولٿڪ سنسڪرتي Paleolithic culture
هٿي ڪهاڙا hand-axe
شهر جوڙڪ رِٿابنديِ urban planning
آڪاش نِروار astronomy
جهاز رانيِ navigation
الجبرَ algebra
تِرڪوُن مِتيِ trigonometry
ڦولها research
جَدُوَلِيِ chart
اسنادَ facts
اَنوُمان theory
وِگياني انوُمانُ scientific theory
قدرتي گِيانَ physical science
حسابي گيان mathematics
نياءُ گِيانُ logic
ارستو نياءُ گيان Aristotelian logic
ڪلَ a machine
حسابي ڪلُ a computer
نتيجائِتي ڦلَ consequents (of a theory)-
ٻَل گيانڪ قانوُن laws of mechanics
اوسراڻپِائي انوُمان (biology)- theory of evolution
نِسبتي انوُمان (physics)- theory of relativity
وانجيل وِچ اُصولَ law of excluded middle
تَرڪُ proposition
اُبتڙُ opposite
سُئيڪارُ premise, assumption, (logical)- hypothesis
نتيِجو result
ساکه (logical)- argument
ساکڻو طريقو modus ponens (mode of argument)
مُنڍَ initial
ڀائيوارُ related
ڀائيواري خاصيت shared property
اڙائِڻي implication
اڙيل خاصيت implicated property, consequent property
جڙ تو false
گرهُ planet
منگلُ گرهُ Mars
اڏيندڙ نياءُ گيان constructive logic
ٽِڪي مُلهارو three-valued
ٻيائيِ نظامُ binary system
جوڙَ addition
ڪٽَ subtraction
ضربَ multiplication
وڍَ division
ڪاروائيِ math.: a mapping, to apply a function
ناڪارَ negation
ڳنڍُ (logical) conjunction
وِڀاجَ (logical) disjunction
وِڀاجَڪُ (logical) disjunctive
ورتاءُ implementation
چِٽائِڻ to map into (to interpret)-
موُرتَ representation
ڪارِج function
ٽيورنگ ڪلُ Turing machine
ڍانچو model
اَپاري infinite
اَپاري ڪَٿَ calculus
سٿجڻ store
گُدامُ storage, computer memory
گَتي states
سِٽاءُ (computer) program
تِکاڻ speed
دوڳي logarithm
دوڳي ماپڪ logarithmic measure
سَرانجامي performance
دِڳيِ energy
دِڳي جي کپ energy requirement
ڀاڱيري an object which shares a relation
راس نا قابل infeasible to achieve
هڪ ڌارڪ single-threaded
هلائِڻيِ processor
سَٿَڻُ to compress, to store
سٿجڻُ to be stored
ٻَلُ power
ڪورَ cores (in a computer processor)-
پسڻُ to sense
پسڻي ڪلَ sensor
مادي شيون physical objects
لَٽڻ to embed
ڏهاڪڙي digital
تپش ماپَ temperature measure
دٻاءُ ماپ pressure measure
روشني ماپ light measure
رفتاري واڌ ماپ acceleration measure
تَپاسِڻُ to control
تَپاسِيندڙِ to controller
روباٽُ robot
ماديِ ڍانچو physical model
ويراڳيِ ڍانچو virtual model
تيِتالُ simulation
پُلِ bridge
ڦرڪڻو vibration
ڏَسُ reference
ڏَسُڻيِ bibliography
جنسِبندي creating a typology
اُتاهوُن higher
سارِجَڻ comprehend
لڳائِتيِ application
ڇانٽِڻِ analyze
آميزَشِ synthesis
سَگھَ capability
مُلهـ ڪڍڻَto evaluate

اَسَنمَڀَوَ impossible (اَ negation؛ سَنڀَ جيئين سنڀرڻ ۾، ..)

گُھٻڻ ridicule

اَهنجو trouble, pain, inconvenience

ڪُڍنگا ill-mannered ڪُ negation + manners

ٻه درجا چاڙهيِ double promotion

گھوماٽجڻ to be depressed

ڏولو misery, wretchedness

اُميِ illiterate

ساڃاهه awareness, consciousness

انڌُ ڌُنڌُ tyranny

گُسيل مُسيل in hushed tones; in a quiet voice

رتوڇاڻ bloodshed

وينجھڻُ to bathe; shower

ريٽڻُ ignore; to pass over; leave out of one’s calculations to

پَرُ before; last year

(پَرَ yet

پَرَ a prefix signifying beyond, remote or another (پرڏيهُه foreign land، پَرَاُبڪارَ (philanthropy

رُڃَ mirage

ڀاوُ attitude

ڏهڪاوَپِڻي terrorism

اگھَـ ڀئَڪائيِ price inflation

وچون وَهُـ average

چاڙهه تي چاڙهه لڳائي to compound (as in compound interest)

راڄنيتيِ مَتوَنَ governmental policies

سودائو anxiety

اِنجنري engineering

وگياني scientific; scientist

پِينشِنِ بردار retired (on a pension)

سراءِ hostel

زوريِ زناءُ rape, sexual assault

جيلهان (جمع ــ جيلانهيِنِ) wherefore, because

تيلِهان therefore

ڪوجھو ill-formed, deformed, in poor shape

لَڪُ a pass between mountains; difficult path

لوجھَ adversity, difficulties, injury, unfair treatment

جِرَين at high altitude; exalted

جالڻ to endure; to suffer with patience; to persist against challenges

قلم تازو ــ جي پُڇڻا سي نه منجهڻا

Blog of November 9, 2007

تُڪَ line of a verse

تُڪَبندي rhyme

سيرُُ a tourist trip

ٻُلهڻِيوُن dolphins

واهِڻو barbarous

ڌرڻو a peaceful protest, such as a fast

وِيِرََ brave ones

لَکڻُ (desirable) attribute, positive characteristic

سَنگُ relations, company

ڪُ prefix to negate, without

ڪُسَنگُ bad society, bad company, evil communication

ڪُلَڇڻُ (ڪُلکڻُ) ill manners

ويِرَ brave

کيِرَ felicitation, greeting

تمثيليِ figurative

سَمڀَوَُ possibility

اَنڀَوء a viewpoint, an understanding, a belief (based on some understanding)

گھڪا strokes of a pen

اَپارَ infinite

ڪٿو calculation

اَپاريِ ڪَٿَ calculus (a branch of mathematics which takes calculation to infinite limits)

سَلڻ to solve

لکَه information

پڙاڏو سو سَڏ

وِساڻي extinction

ٻُلهَڻِ dolphin

لوڀَ greed

آهِنڪارُ ego, arrogance

وِشيشُ specie (of animal, plant, etc.)

قدرت بچاءُ جڳَ ايڪتائي International Union for Conservation of Nature

يگاني unique

وَرکاڪَ rainbow (caused by rain)

اِنڊ لَٺِ rainbow (from prism, or rain)

هموَزنيِ equilibrium

تَڳائڻ to perpetuate, cause to continue or persist

تِڳائڻ to cause to cease

هم آهنگي harmony

اخلاقي حق moral right

ڏندَ ڪٿا myth

آلايش pollution

ڌارڪَ branch

يانگتسي ندي Yangtze river

سانتيڪو وڏو سمنڊُ Pacific Ocean

پَرمَلُ social

ڳوڙهنِ school (e.g. of fish)

گڏيل قومن پسگردائي سِٽائِڻي United Nations Environment Program

اوَهَدار mammal (with mammary)

دماغي ڦرڪڻا brain waves

پَڙاڏو echo

پڙاڏي ٺِڪاڻو لهڻُ echolocation, echolocate

پراپٽِ advantage

لَٽُ silt

ناد ماپڪ a sono meter (ultrasound machine)

اَتيِ آوازُ ultrasound

ڦرڪڻي رفتار frequency

کيکڙائي ڪُٽياcancerous cells

ڳَڀُ fetus

ماسَ تَنتوُtissue (of animal flesh, e.g. Human tissue)

اوسراڻپي قانون law of evolution

پلينسُ Plinius or Pliny

ارِسِٽاٽِلُ Aristotle

اوڊيسيئس Ulysses or Odysseus

تيليماخسُ Telemachus

ٽِيوُنا مڇي tuna fish

وهيلُ whale


سِڪوُبا ٽوٻوُ Scuba diver

سنڌ جا نانگ ۽ جوڳي

Blog of September 15, 2007 at 6:59 pm

سُرڻو reptiles and amphibians (creeping animals)

سُرڻو جيوَ گيانُ Herpetology

پيٽَ هلندڙُ reptile ُ

جَلَ ٿَلَ (جانورَ) amphibians

وِکُرَ poisonous

ٿدي رت وارو جانور cold blooded animals

گرم رت وارو جانور warm blooded animals

پَدُ status

خوراڪي ستيا (calories) food energy

عشق بازي courtship

عاشقي سِنگلَ mating rituals

حسابي ڪلن (ڪمپيوُٽرن) جو آئيندي

Blog of August 31, 2007 at 1:09 pm

حسابي ڪَل computer َ

وياکياڻ lecture, seminar

حسابِي ڪَلَ گياني Computer Science

حسابي هلائڻي (computer) processor

حسابي هلڻي process

حسابي ڌاڳو (computational) thread

ڪَلي دماغَُ machine intelligence (also called Artificial Intelligence)

ڳنڍَ ڄارُ internet

پسڻَ ڪلُ sensor

رفتاري ڦيرُ acceleration

دٻاءُ pressure

تپشِ ماپُ temperature

روشنيِ light

For Blog of May 14 (The Conscious Illiterates, the Unknowing Educated)

export نيڪاسُ

count (as in census, population) ڳاڻيٽو

inhumane هچار

to have an epiphanyٻيِٽَ پوڻ

greed هٻچ

famine ڏُڪار

illiterate اُميِ

consciouness, awareness ساڃاهه

blog بِلاگُ

pollution آلايشَ

footpath, sidewalk پَڳُٿي

mixture گاڏُرُ ساڏُڙُ

solvent ڳاريِندڙُ

occupational ڪَرتاريِ

occupational safety authority ڪَرتاريِ سلامتي اختياري

railway crossing ريلَ ڦاٽڪ

refuge, asylum اَجهو

restoration اُستَرڳيِ

وِکِر ُ poisonous

revolver رِوالورُ

natural equilibrium قُدرتيِ هَموَزنيِ

reassurance (agreement) in exchange for favor ڏَتُ پَتُ

payment اَدائيِ

Strike a bargain (for payment) اَدائيِ چُڪائڻ

burrow of a ground animal; snake hole (in the ground) ٻِرُ

neck ڪَرَ

to raise onc’s neck; the dance of a snake in a trance ڪَرَ کڻڻ

trance state (of a snake) ڦَڻُ

specie وِشيشِ ُ

the in out motion of a snake’s tongue ٻِر ٻر

to accept another’s point of view; جَھٽَڻُ

to catch a ball or other flying object;

the long and the short (in summary) قِصو ڪوتاه

a horizontal rod used for swinging in gymnastics چيِڪِلو

gear بِڏندو چيڪلو

teeth of gear چيڪلي جا ڏندا

turning mechanism ڦِرڻيِ

mechanism يَنتَرُ

Construction or design (of mechanism) جوڙَ ٽوڙَ

weeds ڪَسَڙَ

strength طاقتَ

force ٻلَ

ratio نِسبت

equation مُساوات

torque ڦيري ٻَلَ

radius اَروُ

diameter قَطرُ

multiplication ضربَ

in proportion to بَنِسبت

a machine, a mechanical device ڪَلَ

mechanical advantage ڪَلوني سرسيِ

(the science of) Mechanics ڪَلَ وِديا

Web link ويبَ ڪڙِي

click ٺَرَڪَ

Physics مادي وديا

museum عجائب گھرُ

model ڍانچو

To be reduced to bones; to become lifeless ڀيڏا ڀيرا ٿيڻ

volunteer خوش خذمت سپاهيِ

voluntarily پاڻمرادو

science وِگيان

curiosity سوُنجھه سوُنجھه

uncivil ڪُڍَنگو

inferior اَجهڪو

lizard ڪِرڙو

Reflective, lost in thought ڪَٿڪادُ

‎‎ِ‎‎‎‎‎ِِto remove water from a well using a rope, etc. ِڪاڍَ ڪڍڻ

disturb ڇولڻُ

balloon ڦوڪڻو

pin (metallic pin) ٽاچڻي

to be persistent پوڻ چُهٽيِ

strong, firm, ڪَراڙو

Rest House آرام گھرُ

firm intention منو رِٿ

effort اُدم

moving, touching, something that evokes feeling ڀِڄائيندڙ

deceased سَرڳواس

longing اُڪير

obstruction رنڊڪَ

to be extinguished اُجھي

For Blog of April 23 (Lessons from Hawaii)

وِردُ lesson

ڀوُمي تَر ُ earth’s surface

ٻيٽن جو ميڙُ archipelago

وڏو سمنڊ ocean

سانتيِڪو وڏو سمنڊ Pacific Ocean

لامَ length (on a planar surface or on the ground )

ڀون ڇِلُڙ ِ earth’s crust

ٻريل جبلَ جو مُنهُن crater

گاٺَ rubbing of two things (such as plates)

جُوالامُکي volcano

ٻرندر جبل َ جي لاٽِ lava flow

) ٻرندر جبل َ جي( گاڙي ِ volcanic eruption

ٺانٺِ plate or sheet (e.g. of metal, here tectonic plate)

کَمي کمي slowly

تپشَ ماپَ temperature

دٻاءُ pressure

ڌرتي ڌٻي earthquake

ڀوُن ڪَنپي earth quake

بلينِ billion

ڌاتوُ metal

معدني mineral

پاڻياٺو liquid

ڀُليلَ ليڪَ fault line (between tectonic plates)

ڀوُن وديا geology

ڀوُن گِيان geologist

برساتيِ ٻيلو rainforest

اوسراڻپي قانونُ law of evolution ُ

وِشيش specie (of plant or animal)


جيِوَ وديا biology

ساڃاهه consciousness, awareness

هَموَزني equilibrium

گَلاپَگوسُ Galapagos

ايٽلانٽڪَ وڏي سمنڊُ Atlantic Ocean

وِساڻيِ extinction

ڇِپَ atoll

ٻيٽڙيون islets

a (lost and) found item whose owner is unknown لُقطو

مٿاڇڙو اوڍڻ Upper mantle (geology)

ڀُلِيل ِ ليڪَ fault line (geology)

پيلي ديويِ Goddess Pele

اڻسختُ چڪرو Asthenosphere (geology)

وِچَڙَندَڙُ مَرضُ infectious disease

رِهائي ِ immunity

هزاريِ ميِٽر kilometer

سوَ ونڊيل درجا centigrade

For Blog of April 3 (Expectations and Performance)

اوسيڙو expectation

وڏي اوسيڙائت state of having high expectations

اُڄمائتو with hard working, endeavoring, diligently

اُڄميِ , zealous, hard worker

ڄاگرتا awakening, blossoming, attaining consciousness

بيِهڪَ position, standing, place

اُتو stated, expressed

وگيانَڪُ رِٿن مقابلو science fair، competition for scientific projects

اُتَر ُ ُ response, rejoinder

گوليِ worker, servant (fem.)

For Blog of March 20 (Cheti Chandu)

شڪار ۽ ميڙڻ hunting and gathering

خانه بدوش nomadic

ڦيري revolution

سيارو satellite (here planet)

ڀوُن earth

عڪسُ reflection

وڪِي ڪوشُ wikipedia

تيرَ arrow

گھڙيالي موڙُ clockwise

درجا degrees

سريکو level surface

سَطحَ plane (as in geometry)

پورن ماسُ full moon

اُماسُ moonless night

ڀَرُ high tide

آلُڙَ low tide

گرهڻ eclipse

ڪُسوُف lunar eclipse

خسوُف solar eclipse

ڪاشتگاريِ farming

پَنچانگُ calendar

ٽپڻو almanac (e.g. farmer’s almanac)

سنٻنڌي regular, cycle

آڪاس نِروار astronomy

ڌرتي نِروار geography

لَٽُ silt

تشبيهه metaphor

ڏند ڪٿا myth

آلاسڪا Alaska

سِٽاڪِهومِ Stockholm

اِلانائي Illinois

اڌ ڀوُم hemisphere

وِسوَ equinox

نوروُزُ Persian New Year

گھهوماٽجي depressed

ڀوُن وچ ڦاڪ (چڪري ليڪَ) equator

اَرپڻ dedicate

اوٽاوا Ottawa

سَمتيِ committee

سنسٿا organization

اِسطلاح idiom

For blogs in March (till March 19th):

ڀوُن earth

ڀوُن وديا geology

وگياني scientist

وِديارٿيِ student

پيڙهاڪيِ Foundation

ڪُنِ canyon, gorge

وياکياڻ lecture, exposition

آلايَشَ pollution

بيٺڪ ڄمائڻ colonize

ٻولي گيان linguist (scientist studying language)

for earlier blogs:

ٽيِڪا (noun) comment

ٽيڪا ٽپڻي (verb) comment

اولڙائي refraction

وِڻسَ misleading

تپشِ ماپَ temperature

يَخَ frost

ستيتا reality

بنڌيج obstruction (of flow), block

جزِ ڪلامُ phrase

لاهي پاهي insistent without reason

وياڪرڻ grammar

اختياريِ authority

پِڙَ listing, list

ٻُولڻ dolphin

وِشوَڪوشُ encyclopedia

مَتَنُsubject (as in subject matter)

تِڳَڻُ disappear stealthily

تِڳائِڻِtake away stealthily

تَڳَڻُ to continue

تَڳائِڻِ to cause to continue

ناڻو funds

وافي علم liberal education, advanced knowledge

سيکيا subject (field of study)

سُوء ڀاشا native language

وگياني ِ ماپَ scientific measurement

گڻت ڳياني mathematical

ٻيِٽَ comprehension

ٻيِٽَ پوڻِ to comprehend

بيٺڪ ڄمايل colonizing

مَخزنَ journal (of science or other academic field)

يَگانِيت uniqueness

اوهَدار mammal

هامَ acceptance, praise

سوُنجھِه سوُنجھِه curiosity

ڦرڪڻو wave

سَکَر better, superior

يٿا شڪتيِ ِ according to one’s ability or means

آوازي ايڪن sound unit (used for phoneme)

ٽيڪنيڪي technical

مادي گيان physics

آوازي گيان acoustics

وِشواس َ confidence, faith

ٻوليدان linguist (as in one who knows many languages)

ٻولي گيان linguist (as in scientist studying language)

For the Feb 14 blog:


قَلَمُُ تازو Postscript

تَپِشِ ماپَ temperature

Centigrade سَنوَينڀاڱي درجَا

(ڇا اِهو سوَڀاڱا يا سوَونڊيل هجڻ گھرجي؟)

Hot desert wind (luh) لوُهَه

Restlessness آنڌِ مانڌِ

Without soul نِر آتما

وِنجوڳه discord

هَجوَ آميز ironic

سَتيتا reality

Knowledge (as in understanding) پِروُڙَ

Tuition (or tutoring) fee سِکڻي

ڪَرميِ One who does you a kindness

Spiritual musical gatherings چونڪيون

Regularly ڪَئَتائتو

ريلَ ڦاٽڪَ railroad crossing gate

لامَ length(in contradistinction to breadth) to be used for objects on a surface, e.g. the ground, etc. (i.e. not for height).

(related for breadth, height ويڪڙَ، قَدُ

ڊيگھَه for one dimensional quantities such as time duration (or when only one dimension is emphasized)

Flats (townhouses) فِليٽَ

بنڌيج a stop, a hindrance

Astringent flavor ڪسارو

Centimeter سَوَينڀاڱي مِيٽَر

موٽَرِ automobile

Garage (for a car) طبيلو

بيلچو shovel

ڦولهاري پرچو research article Conference ڪانفرنس

Review نظر ثاني

Computer Scientist ڪمپيوٽرَ وگياني

Words from previous blog

ڦولها research

ڳولها ڦولها search and research

ڦولهاري researcher

وِديالِيهَ school, college, institute of learning

وِديارتي student scholar

خانگيِ private

لاڳُ fee

پڙهائيِ لاڳُ tuition fee

ضميوارِ جماتِ Board of Trustees

بِنا وَٽاءُ nonprofit

لا ڪوُفيتَ secularism

بي دينيتَ religious neutrality

پي ايچ ڊي PhD

وايا مَنڊَلُ via media

سَماچارُ communication, broadcasting

هَوابازيِ aviation

مزوري ۽ ڪارخاني جا رِشتا Labor and Industrial Relations

پُستڪ آليه Library

سماجي ڪمَ Social Work

جانورن لاءِ طب Veterinary Medicine

شهرَ رِٿابندي Urban Planning

انجِنيري Engineering

وافيِ فَنُ Liberal Arts

وگِيانُ science

آتمُ گِيانُ psychology

اخبارَ نَويِسي journalism

تخميِنو budget

ڊِگريِ degree

چورسِ ڪلاميِٽرِ square kilometers

تَجَرَبي خانو laboratory

دُٻا (swimming) pools

ريڊو radio

ڦَرڪَڻُ vibrate

ڦَرڪَڻو wave

ڦرڪڻي قَدُ amplitude (of wave)

آلاپِڻِ modulate

ڦرڪڻي قَدُ آلاپِڻو ريڊو Amplitude Modulation (AM) Radio

ڦَرڪڻي وراڪو wave cycle

وراڪيِ رفتارَ frequency

وراڪيِ رفتارَ آلاپِڻو ريڊو Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio

ٽيشَڻُ station

اِشتهاري اعلان commercial announcement, advertisement

ميمبرَ members

جهازَگُزارِ pilot

جهازَگُزارِي piloting

ناٽڪَ گھَرَ theatres

فنڪشَنِ performance

ميوزيِمُ museum

اِنتَظامِيه administration

دستورِ عَملَ قائدو code of conduct

کَڙوڪَ ڪرڻ (verb) channel

سموريِ ڏيهي پيداوارِ Gross Domestic Production (GDP)

اَڀياسُ study

سِکيائون subject (academic discipline) , field of study

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  1. Dear AGHA thanks to your endeavoures for highlighting recent developments in the domain of sindhi language.Pl carry on your research on on laguage development n update us off and on.


  3. twhaan khe ddisee thioo veesaah ta, Sindhi jeeaandee sadaaa. Sir, vwery are gratful to u and feel proud of ur work for Sindh and Sindhi language. Pleaze Carry on we are Followers of u, and one day we will make Sindh and Sindhi Language an Invincible Land and Language of the World. Fayaz, Ms Scholar, S.Korea

  4. Dear Agha Sahib
    It is wonderfull and exciting site for sindhi peolpe. You are doing an excellent job for the sindhi language. Some of the words you are using in sindhi are derived from hindi. In sindhi language ther are words that can be substitue for
    hindi words.
    I am trying to make a complete file of your glossory and I will send it to you.
    Mahboob Pathan
    My telephone number is (515)-963-9648
    Iowa Des Moines

  5. sarkar. khy salam…..

    khush hujo sada………..

    please update your latest picture on the blog…

    and being a uncle tell me what is the procedure to get admission in MBA in Uni of Illinois or any other university for me…………

    love u….

    Yasir Agha
    ISB, PK +0092-(345)6070318

  6. Saeen,


    Keep it up Sir!

  7. saeen gul agha saheb, Assalamo Alaikum. tawhaan ja blog parhi asal mazo achi vayo. vahjo piya likho. “puchhna se na munjhna” chawni hit Banni area men b galhai vendi aahe. ” kulakhan” lafz b ajan hit aam bolia men jiaro aahe.

  8. saeen gul agha sahib, Assalamu Alaikum. blog parhyam mazo aayo. “puchhna se na munjhna” wari chawni hit Bannia men bh galhaai vendi aahe. “Kulakhan lafz bh hit jiaro aahe. tawhaan Bannia men Khalani sahab san gadu moon vat aaya huaa shhyad yaad hondo. munhinjo sindhiyat waro kam hit bannia men jari aahe. email jo jawab dinda ta nawazish thindi. byo sabh khair aahe.
    _ Kaladhar mutwa [Banni_ kautchh] mo. +92 9427201093

  9. Saaiin Kaladhar Mutwa, bbaniia (kutch ڪڇَ) men mashahuuru Sindhii lekhaki aahini. ute Sindhii bbarani khe pirni paarrhiindaa aahini.

    bbaniia jo akhiyuni ddiTho ehvaalu, thoro hiti ddino homi:


    0032 300 2237927


  12. Saeen Division ji Manna WAND theendi ya Wadh?

  13. tawahan jo hee blog sindhi me computer science jo course thahen me madad kando. mehrbani.

  14. sada salamat rah0 shaal aabad rah0..!! saeen gul agha .. kujh faceb00k laye bee bhaja druka thi wanjay ta ked0 na suth0..twhan jee kayal mehnata ji utay ( faceb00k) tay wadi waakhan theendi..& niju sindhi b0leea j0 na0n d0r shuru thind0!!

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