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For better viewing, download Sindhi fonts. Note that the PDF versions on blog page are not as up to date and they often contain more typos.  But the PDF versions do not require any special fonts.  

With WindowsXP or Internet Explorer (IE) version 6 and above, in IE Click on:>> View >> Encoding >> and select unicode UTF-8

If Unicode does not appear, go to more options and you will see a dropdown list. select UTF-8.    Reading English pages will not be affected.

To download Internet explorer 7 for free, please click the following link;

To download Sindhi fonts for better viewing experience, and to write in Sindhi, see messages below:

From: Abdul-Majid Bhurgri
A few days ago Gul-Agha asked, “Where can one install all the fonts?” And I promised that I will develop an installer which will do this. I have now developed a compact and easy MBFonts Installer. This automatically installs 25 Sindhi Unicode fonts to the system. It is available for download at following:

The download links are also given in the Downloads section of Sindhi Computing forum.

I thank Abdus-Sattar Samo (Zargar), Mansoor Pirzada/Shakoor Qazi, Agha Sabir, Irfan Bhutto, Abdul-Aziz Mangrio, Shabeer Kumbhar and other developers of these fonts for providing these valuable resources free of charge just for the love of their language and land. In fact we all owe them thanks and the way we can say it is by acknowledging their work and mention at least a line of thanks in the publications and webpages where we use these fonts.This gesture will encourage others also to work selflessly for their ideals.

I request you all to disseminate this message far and wide on Sindhi and Sindh related email lists and websites so that maximum Sindhis can take full advantage of this invaluable free resource for Sindhi language. I also request you for your feedback and comments. As more fonts become available, I will keep on updating the installer acordingly.

Thanks you all. Promote use of Sindhi on computers and the internet.

New Sindhi Installer for Vista & XP

Dear Friends,
Now that Windows Vista has been released, some of you may already have installed it and others will start using at some point in the future.
I observed that old installers do not work on
Vista. Accordingly I have made a new MBSindhi2007 installer which works on Vista
as well as on XP. Also, this is easier to use. Once you have extracted the files (by chosing Extract All… option as you right click on the downloaded folder), simply run the MBSindhi2007 installer and it will automatically take care of complete installation. Unlike before, you do not have to go to control panel, add language and chose the keyboard. All these steps are automated in this new installer. The link for downloading the new installer is

Use Sindhi on computers and encourage others to do so.

With best wishes,

Abdul-Majid Bhurgri

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  1. Saeen salam,
    i tried to view your blog but text appears in boxes, i visited trouble in reading page and downloaded new MB sindhi intaller and installed on system but yet boxes appears, also i tried to enable VIEW > ENCODING > UNICODE (UTF-8) but still situation is same. pl guide me. I am using windows XP and IE version 6.0.

  2. Appearance of boxes in place of some letters is usually due to the font used on the webpage not being in the user’s system and system substituting a font which lacks Sindhi characters.

    Please note that MBSindhi installer installs keyboard and two Sindhi fonts. It enables you to write in Sindhi and view the webpages which use MBSindhi Web or MB Lateefi fonts.

    I have checked this issue once more and here is one possible solution for this unwanted font substitution:

    In the Internet Explorer go to Tools >> Options >> Fonts and select Arabic from Language script drop box and then in the Webpage font list select [MBSindhi Web or MB Lateefi, if available, otherwise] Tahoma or such other font which has Sindhi character set. Click OK and then view the page again. This should remove the boxes and display page in Tahoma font and it will be readable.

    Those who have problem viewing Sindhi pages should try this out and send feedback.

  3. i did not undestand some leters of sindhi ,then wht i do ?

  4. Copy all the Sindhi fonts to your windows/fonts directory.

    Then you can read Sindhi easily.

    for composing Sindhi refer to Majid Bhurgri’s website.

  5. Salam Mitha…
    I Personally and specially from all our Members of Sindhi Computing & Members of Or Sindh Forum are appreciating you for your work about Sindh, Sindhi Language And Specially for Sindhi Computing that, you are Trying to Explorer our Sindhi Computing Related Problems and taken remarkable steps by developing of this Blog.. I hope you will continue this work and GOD will and help you to explore the new and important topics about Sindh & Sindhi Computing. Dear one think you must be mention that, you have to come step foreword by Developing a Complete Sindhi Web Site… Hope GOD will help you to develop a website.

    Mangrio Aziz
    BS (IT)
    Asst: Manager
    Sindhi computing

  6. Utho meri dunyA ke gariboN ko jagA do, KAkh-e-umrA ke dar-o-deewAr hilA do, Jis khet se dehkAN ko muyassar na ho rozi, Us khet ke har khosha-e-gandam ko jalA do

    Translation : Rise and rouse my world’s wretched ones Shake fiercely the palaces of the rich ones, Scorch every cluster of wheat in the field That denies livelihood to the tilling onesPoet Iqbal (1877-1938)

    Change can come in either of two important ways: start behaving positively or stop behaving negatively- Dr. Phill

    FAYAZ SOOMRO, Editor, Indus Asia Online Journal
    I am not an expert on this or any other issues. My views on this and other issues are just my personal views and they could be wrong.
    The opinions, beliefs, wishes, traditions etc expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the policy of editor.

    The material on this blog is just for to create awareness, debate, dialogue, interaction and understanding in people on different issues of politics, economics, human rights, environmental, social justice, democracy, Science, culture, history and different philosophies of the world without any profit basis.

    We believe in humanity, diversity and fairness and we are not against any nation, religion, race, colour or country. And also we believe in a manner full debate, pluralism and tolerance. We have no pretension nor illusions but the motivation to see our world as a better place.
    Indus Asia Online Journal, iaoj, is a public forum of the community and it provides opportunity to its users and readers to share their views with community/public at large. Therefore, IAOJ is not responsible for the contents, we receive from several unidentified sources. Neither the email address nor the name of the sender verified.


  7. HELP Please!

    I use a Mac. I love it but I want to read Sindhi also.

    Is it possible. If no one has done it, I can try to help out. But please help 🙂


  8. since ten days i am trying to download Sindhi fonts ,but only tag FREE is free to explore, kindly dont misguide any body, if you cant guide

  9. abaa, avaan khe ddukhaayii thii, maan samjhaan tho, para adaba saan ggaalaheje. bhali tehen laae hidaayata vaTharna jii kayo.

    hiiu likhe varihiya thiyaa, karrii bhajii pavandii aahe, jiien maarnhuun bbiyani jaayuun katabu aarniindaa aahini. meherbanii kare heThu ddisaanda:

  10. dear haneef

    Go to and for fonts

    and dear sarmad for mac download installer from

  11. i love to sindh and i like to all sindhe

  12. AssalaamOalekum.

    I am a Calligrapher and Graphic Designer,
    The purpose of this contact is that, that I need some information regarding to develop some fonts.
    IF ANY ONE please help me for this matter. It would be very kind of you.
    I have a font in vector format which I want to develop a font which can be used in “Inpage” or some other software.
    Plus I also want to develop some more fonts for “Sindhi Fonts” in my own styles (Calligraphy).

    Thanks and Best Regards.

    (Calligraphic Artist)

  13. سائين آغا صاحب
    السلام عليڪم
    سائين توهان جي ڪوشش ڏاڍي پسند آئي
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    مولا پاڪ توهان کي شل وڏي حياتي ڏي
    سائين مون ڪجهه سنڌي اي بوڪ ڪمپوز ڪيا آهن پر آئون ان مونجهاري ۾ آهيان ته انهن کي ڪٿي اپ لوڊ ڪيان
    اميد ته اوهان منهنجي مدد ڪندا ۽ مون کي اي ميل ڪندا مون توهان جي اي ميل جي تلاش ڪئي پر حاصل ڪري نه سگھيس
    منهنجي اي ميل جو پتو هي آهي

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  16. سائين آغا صاحب اڄ اچانڪ توهانجو بلاگ ڏسڻ جو شرف حاصل ٿيو ۽ ڪافي سنڌي ٻولي جي باري ۾ رکيل مواد پڙهي ڏاڍي خوشي ٿي ،توهان هن محنت مان اسان پر اميد آهيون ۽ مالڪ حقيقي جي درٻار ۾ دعا ٿا ڪيو ته سائيجن اڃا به پنهنجي ڪم ۽ سنڌي ٻولي جي هن مشن ۾ ڪاميابيون ماڻيندا ،توهان هن بلاگ ۾ جيڪا نج سنڌي ٻولي جو استعمال ڪيو ويو آهي ،سان واقعي سنڌي حقيقي ٻولي آهي

  17. Dear commenters and my fellow Sindhi brothers and sisters,
    I am a computational linguist and i want to work on Sindhi, but first I need a Sindhi keyboard.
    I use Ubuntu ( Linux , 64-bit) and I would really appreciate if someone could tell me / send a resource which provides Sindhi keyboard and helps me typing in Sindhi.
    Please reply on :

    Thanks you,

  18. Excellent write-up. I definitely love this website.
    Stick with it!

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